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A Better Way To Pave Spray-Tek Industries, LTD

Spray-Tek's tack oil tank is designed by paving contractors as a way to simplify the tacking/sealcoating process on paving projects. Whether your project is big or small, Spray Tek's tank is the solution for you. With its skidsteer quick attach hookup, you can utilize the equipment you already have onsite to complete your tack oiling. The tank is fitted with a Honda motor tack-oil gear pump which is designed specifically for spraying tack oil/sealcoating in a hot or cold application. It’s designed for applications where bringing in a big oil truck is inefficient and bulky. Simply load the tank onto your paving equip trailer and transport it to the job site where you can maneuver around with your skidsteer to spray edges, joints, tie-ins, or even an entire parking lot.

Approaches, bridges, potholes, Highway paver patches, parking lots, residential yards to driveways and walking paths are a few more of the applications where this system works well. With its' 270 gal capacity, you can easily cover a large parking lot for overlay paving projects.

Simply the tack oiling process


With superior features like our 14-gallon gear pump, easy to fill tanks and highly efficient lasting pumps, Spray-Tek guarantees increased productivity all-around.

Safe and

Spray-Tek's design is with safety in mind. Our revolutionary machine incorporates a key safety feature that enables Spray-Tek to utilize different types of oil and sealers so you can have peace of mind on the job.

Easy To

Despite it's power and size, the Spay-Tek machine is highly compact and easy to move. The sleek mounting system makes it quick to transport your Spray-Tek oil tank to wherever you need it!

Why Spray-Tek Is Better
An Inside Look

Our in-house spray system offers pavers/sealcoaters a better way to get things done. We've cultivated a machine equipped with safety features and enhancements intended to increase productivity, cut costs on expended materials and ensure a greater level of safety. Through the years, we've modified our spray system to fit most of your paving/sealcoating project needs. We understand you've got a job to do and time is money. That's why bring you Spray-Tek which provides a better way to pave.

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Say goodbye to your bulky trailer units and tack oil trucks for small applications.

Asphalt highway

Asphalt highway

Our Products

Spray Tek

Spray-Tek Oil Tank

-270 gallons/1000 liters

-2 gallon wash-down solution tank

-Weight - 1200 lbs.

-Dimensions of Unit:
80" Wide, 46.5" Height, 52" Deep.

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