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 Designed by Paving Contractors for paving Contractors.

Grown From The Seeds
Of Innovation!

Spray-Tek Industries Ltd. invented a way to apply tack oil quickly and efficiently. Time is money, especially when personnel and equipment are waiting. We get that. As paving contractors ourselves, we're more than acquainted with the daily tasks on the job which is why we've designed a machine that makes your life easier. The Skidsteer Mounted Tack Oil Tank is a specially designed spray system that has been proven and modified over the years to fit most of your paving project needs. With enhancements that include an easy mounting system, a 50 foot hose and a highly efficient life pump, you can get more done with less work than ever before.

Our EASY MOUNTING SYSTEM makes it quick to move your Spray-Tek Oil Tank to whenever you need it!

SAFE AND EFFICIENT! Spray-Tek Oil Tanks can be used for different types of Oils and Sealers.

How It Works

So how does our revolutionary system work? The Spray-Tek Oil Tank sprays tack oil in a fast, efficient manner. Time and labor are cut in half with a dual spraying and laydown maneuver so pavers can move quickly through surfaces. And with a 270 gal capacity, you can easily cover expansive areas including large parking lots. With a simple skidsteer attach hookup, you can work seamlessly with your existing equipment on site.

Why It's Better

The approach is simple: to add more hours to your day with an easier way to pave. That's why our Spray-Tek Oil Tank machine is just better in more ways than one. With its easy mounting system, the Spray-Tek Oil tank can be loaded and transported on the fly. Since it has a strong, versatile design, it can utilize different types of oils and sealers ensuring the safety of the machine, workers and pavement areas.

See Highlights
Of Our Spray System

Work smarter, not harder with the Spray-Tek Oil Tank machine. As a system designed by paving contractors for paving contractors, our machine has all the features you need to work more efficiently. Take a look below to see a few of the highlights of our Spray-Tek Oil Tank machine. For more details, feel free to contact us at (587) 298-8554.


Honda motor for easy starts

15 gallon/min gear pump

Very efficient long life pump

Bypass valve to circulate oil to tank when wand is closed

Quick-attach removable filter designed for easy cleaning

Specially designed heating pipe in tank for heating oil in cooler temperatures

Heat thermometer in tank

Comes with 50 foot hose

Easy to fill tank and easy to use

Easy to empty canister for spray nozzle

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